Fez review – Digital Spy

by Scott Nichols

My review for Fez went up today on Digital Spy, and I’m a little surprised with the results. Honestly, I think the convoluted and obtuse puzzles were a bit much, but ultimately on reflection this was my experience of it. I may write a more detailed post on my personal issues with the game vs my positive review at another time but I’m a bit overwhelmed with other writing at the moment, so I only have time for this quick post.

The one thing I will say about the review now is about the review’s subheading: Video Games 101. My overall feeling on Fez is that is is the videogame equivalent of Hugo: a game about the history and making of games. I often joke to people that Hugo is like a film 101 course hidden in a movie, so the “video games 101” thing is a reference to that. I’m not saying it’s an easy or beginner’s game, but rather a fundamental textbook, if you will, for examining games.

In any case, here’s the review:

Fez review (Xbox Live Arcade): Video Games 101