GJx2: Game Journo Game Jam!!!!

by Scott Nichols

As some of my twitter followers may have noticed, I have a tendency to spout out game ideas from time to time Peter Molydeux-style. When Molyjam was happening, I was so excited for it, but a weekend simply isn’t enough time for someone with my complete lack of experience to take part. As such, I would like to propose the Game Journo Game Jam, a game jam built around accommodating people with no experience and bizzarro writer schedules. Interested? Then allow me to elaborate.

During the month of May I am going to attempt to make a game, and I invite all industry folk to join me in this endeavor. Yes, the game jam will comprise the entire month of May. Remember, this for accommodating crazy schedules and people with potentially no prior experience. And despite the name, this isn’t just for game journos, critics, and writers, so I’d love to see PR reps and anyone else involved in this fine industry who doesn’t typically dabble in game development join in.

If you would like to participate in the first (hopefully of many) Game Journo Game Jam, then great! Join me in the GJx2 Google group where we can discuss and share beginner dev experiences, tips, and troubles along the way. And on twitter, be sure to use the #GJx2 hashtag when talking about the Jam. Let’s get this thing started!

Hope to see you all there!